EFTERLEVANDEGUIDEN - a collaboration between public authorities intended to make it easier for those who have lost a loved one


About grief

It is difficult to imagine how it feels to lose a loved one but when it does happen people mourn and express their grief in a variety of ways. You can contact support groups and the healthcare service for support and help.

Grief is a natural reaction

Grief is a natural emotional reaction to the loss of a loved one. Processing that grief is so much more than simply feeling sad. While we may carry a certain amount of grief with us for the rest of our lives, over time it will become less painful. The process of mourning is different for everyone.

Children need to understand what is happening, just like adults

Losing someone we love hurts. While this applies to children and adults alike, a child’s understanding of death may differ from an adult’s and they may have different reactions. You may want to protect your child by not talking about difficult subjects, but even the smallest child needs to understand the context in which they live.

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You are not alone in your grief

While the support of your friends and family is invaluable, the best long-term support often comes from others who have experienced something similar and understand what it means. There are associations, religious communities and networks for survivors to which you can turn for help at times of crisis. Some can be reached around the clock, either by telephone or on social media.

Contact details to networks and organisations that support survivors (in Swedish)

Ask others to help you

Do not hesitate to ask for help with what feels difficult and to receive help if you are offered.

Last updated: 2020-12-10