EFTERLEVANDEGUIDEN - a collaboration between public authorities intended to make it easier for those who have lost a loved one


Cancel subscriptions, Contracts

While many companies receive information that their customer has died, after a while you will notice that this is not always the case. You will then need to contact the company yourself.

Contracts and subscriptions

There may be a number of subscriptions, agreements, direct debits and e-invoices in the deceased’s name. Any agreements and insurance policies should either be terminated or transferred to someone else. Take one bill at a time and contact the sender to find out what you need to do. You will gradually become aware of which bills continue to arrive in the deceased’s name. These may include:

  1. telephone subscriptions
  2. cable television and streaming services
  3. internet subscriptions and other digital services
  4. agreements for electricity
  5. heating oil, gas, refuse collection, water and wastewater
  6. home insurance and other insurance policies
  7. newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  8. leasing agreements for vehicles, televisions or other technical equipment
  9. rental agreements or hire purchase agreements.

Don’t hesitate to ask others for help in cancelling or transferring contracts and subscriptions. Using Efterlevandeguidens Checklist, you can make lists to divide responsibility.

Efterlevandeguiden Checklist (in English)

Efterlevandeguiden Checklist in PDF (in English) Pdf, 257.6 kB.

An adjustable Checklist according to date of death (in Swedish)

Memberships and subscriptions

You will need to cancel or transfer newspaper and magazine subscriptions and memberships in associations. Many associations will be unaware that a member has died until you contact them. This may involve a good deal of conversation if the deceased was an active joiner of associations.

Don’t hesitate to ask someone close to you for help.

Efterlevandeguiden Checklist (in English)

Efterlevandeguiden Checklist in PDF (in English) Pdf, 257.6 kB.

An adjustable Checklist according to date of death (in Swedish)

Who will be informed of the death?

  1. Public authorities receive updates from the population register on a daily or weekly basis, so you will not need to inform them of the death.
  2. When it comes to the private sector, only companies that subscribe to Statens personadressregister (SPAR) receive information that someone has died. Many companies do not do so and will therefore continue to send post to the deceased. When this happens, it is up to you to inform them.
  3. Clubs and associations seldom know about the death of a member and may therefore continue to send post after the death. How long depends on the regularity with which they normally send out information.

Will you receive direct ads addressed to the estate?

Some companies send direct ads in response to a death. Other direct ads may continue to arrive in the deceased’s name. If you do not wish to receive advertisements, you can request an ad block from SPAR. You should bear in mind that it can take up to three months before the flow of advertisements decreases.

Request an ad block,SPAR (in Swedish) External link.

Who will find out about the death?

Government agencies and municipalities are automatically informed of the death when a doctor submits a death certificate to the population register.

Ask others to help you

Do not hesitate to ask for help with what feels difficult and to receive help if you are offered.

Last updated: 2022-01-28